According to Titus 2
Those kids, the ones we say don’t get it – they are our responsibility. 
Those kids are the hope of their generation – and the redemption of ours.
Our reasons for not insinuating ourselves into their lives
are the tools of the enemy –
Lies from the pit of hell.
Hell is the enemy’s kingdom and the land of lost hope.
Hell is the incubator of all deception and debauchery.
And Hell is hungry to digest our souls. And theirs.
Hell holds our tongue from speaking and our feet from moving and our arms from holding.
Hell robs and distracts and isolates and pats us on the back for our limited vision.
Hell runs ahead with a wicked flame that draws us like insects to a bug zapper.
Hell holds us captive and confuses our thoughts and convinces us we can’t.
Hell is Satan’s triumph.
And I say Hell?
Well, that was a rant – But this is what we are up against.
This is war.
And if we don’t get up off our slightly spreading fannies –
And reach out for the remnant of young Millennials.
and Xennials
and Gen Z’s
We are all gonna lose.  And lose big!
Cause the Gen Alphas are coming up fast.
And they are that farther away from our influence.
And would you believe it if I told you
that I have it from a reliable source
that there are, in fact, youngins
who want to know us?
They want our companionship,
And they need our influence,
And crave our wisdom!
Yes- it’s true!
In the course of a few short conversations with one of those “kids”
I have heard a cry, clear and strong, It was a cry for help.
And she has assured me that there are more like her!
Young women who want to be good wives and moms.
Want to know what works and what doesn’t.
What helps and what hurts.
Want to learn from our joys and our pains.
Want to know how we did it all so they know how to do it all.
Want to know that there is hope even in the darkest deserts of life.
Yet we blossom with reasons to keep still.
“That’s not my calling or ministry or gifting,”
To myself I hear my own voice saying - are you kidding?
Or in their Millennial language - Are you serious right now?
And I hear the voice of God say – You can’t be serious?
I’m still healing. I’ve made too many mistakes.
My voice is small, and the world is loud.
I’m retired now. I’m old and outdated.
I’m busy. Not sure how to relate.
When all the time - He knows I’m just scared.
Enough with the “holy huddles” already!
Enough staying with our own kind.
Enough segregation.
Enough excuses. 
God is not impressed.
It’s about time we say a collective
It’s time to reach out and pull close and dig in and lift up and unwrap and be real.
It’s time to take all the joys and sorrows and pains and pressures
And triumphs and failures,
And melt them over these hungry young souls,
And give them friendship and hope and encouragement and love.
Soon it will be too late –
But not yet.
There is still time to pursue obedience
Even while surrounded by the voice of Hell.
If my life is to make a difference and count for anything in God’s eyes
It won’t be for the lunches I organized for my old gal’s book club.
It won’t be for the number of cruises I took in retirement.
Or bus tours to a Holy Land exhibit or art gallery.
It will be in the obedience to His Word
That led me to step out of my comfort zone
To understand that the work God did in my life
wasn’t just for me but for His Glory and His young lambs.
It will be to realize my selfish heart for keeping myself to myself.
It will be for the lives I’ve touched with the love of God and the hope of Jesus.
And the best way to keep my rear end from spreading
Is to get up off it and run with the
Young sheep!
Content and Image 2023 © Charlene M Campanella (May not be used or reproduced in any fashion without written consent from the author)






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