ROMANS 8:13 May the God of hope fill you with
all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by
the power of the Holy Spirit. ♥



My hope still lies
In heavens eyes
In Jesus looking down.

When trouble swirls
When darts are hurled
He makes each pain His own.

This heart will hold
Each promise told
And love He offers free.

So mind can shed
Its deepest dread
For His eyes rest on me.

2019 © Charlene M Campanella  


It's time to release the oars and lay back.
Heart, mind, soul set adrift without sail
      or compass.
Sublime surrender.
To cease to control the currents that carry.

It's time to release and lay back.
Notice Peaceful when it's there,
    and Calm.
To take comfort in the gentle rocking.
Secure in His presence.

It's time to release.
To look wide-eyed at the beautiful glistening
     on the surface ahead.
To watch as the suns brightness reveals truth.
And feel the warmth and love.

It's time.
Feel the cool breeze and soft rain
      after the scalding has passed.
Wolves on the bank are replaced by a clearing,
      a meadow, a spring.
There is rest.

Each moments heals one hurt, then two.
A gentle strength returns.
Only then pick up the oars without the thrashing
   of before.

2015 © Charlene M Campanella


 There is no kinder place on earth
Than where I wait for You.
The quietness I long to find
In You my peace is true.

The decades lost in worried haste
The time I’ve left behind,
Lie in the sea of selfishness
Cast far beyond my mind.

For in my Potter’s loving hands
Each crack He gently smoothes.
To change this willing vessel
To a child that he can use.

 2015 © Charlene M Campanella