About Me

I feel like I’m just beginning!

Northeast Ohio has been home all my life. It is the place I married, became a mom, kept a journal, walked through widowhood, died in my soul, woke up in the arms of Jesus, wrote poems, found the love of my life, photographed weddings, became a wife and mother to five boys, wrote poems, struggled in a blended family, homeschooled, kept house, journaled madly, taught sewing, wrote poems, cried when the last one left home, wrote poems.

Writing has always been the thread that kept me from unraveling. This practice called me to Jesus and He has become the focus of my soul.  Although I didn’t lean on him until my dark years, I can see His hand working throughout my life. That day of realization changed my world.  It was then that He began lifting me far beyond my dreams.

Now is the season to comfort with the comfort I have received. I want to reach deep into the hidden places and pull out every last miracle He worked. I want to bloom and flower and be the fragrance that will give hope. I want to splash Jesus on searching souls. I want to use the wrong that was my life to share the joy that is my life.

I feel like I’m just beginning.

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