Legacy Building

Few things in life are more valuable than a legacy of prayer. My grandmother’s dedication to prayer is an embrace of love that has reached from one generation to the next. The blessings she poured over this young life caused a spark that began a yearning to know God. 

Grandma lived out what she believed and she believed in prayer.  Her morning began looking into His face. She bowed her head at noon and ended each day in sweet conversation with her heavenly Father.  Her trust in God carried her through every moment, whether struggle or triumph.  Her prayer was a song, like a soft breeze rustling autumn leaves. The solid foundation of faith she built, one prayer at a time, cultivated a deep desire in my heart to know this God of hers.

Witnessing this woman and her faith provided the most powerful lesson of my youth. It filled my heart with the courage to continue even when every inch of my being screamed, “Give up.” Drowning in grief following the death of my first husband to suicide, I heard my grandma’s soft voice whispering the promise from childhood.  When flat on the floor in regret, guilt, and confusion, I knew what to do.  One prayerful cry brought the healing hands of my Savior that lifted me with a breath of hope. 

Now with grandchildren of my own I want to leave the same legacy, continuing in my grandmother’s footsteps. I am determined to influence my grandbabies for God by lifting them before Him each day.  These sweet ones will know where to turn for hope. That’s the legacy that changes lives and molds hearts to face the future.   

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