On Letting Go

A group of young men and women stood straight, hands raised and repeated a pledge like so many before then. My son, in that group, was no longer the little boy whose nose I’d wiped and booboos I’d kissed. He was vowing to serve and protect his country. I was shoulder to shoulder with other moms witnessing this transformation to adulthood. How did we get to this place so quickly?  Only a moment ago we were rocking them to sleep. This was just another step in letting go.

Letting go of our children is something that we need to do every day of their lives. I remember exchanging knowing glances with the moms around me. We had to be strong. When the time came to say goodbye, words still stuck like cotton balls tight in my throat. Off those sons and daughters went to boot camp with a promise from their drill sergeants to turn them into man and women others could depend on. This was real. They were in control. They kept their promise.

From the beginning of their lives, the most important prayer in my heart for my sons was that they would come to know God in a personal way.  I prayed that they would step beyond their parent’s faith and build a faith-story of their own. That transition would be a crucial part of becoming the men I knew God wanted them to be.  Life is tough and without His hand to guide, the journey would be so much harder.  I continue to pray that God will do whatever it takes to drawn them closer. I ask God to make Himself so real to my sons that any trace of doubt would be chased away forever.

 It is often in a desert of need that we meet God face to face. While I don’t pray for desert experiences for my children, I do pray that God will use every situation to open their eyes to the hope that lives in Jesus. I am not afraid of adversity because I know that God will use it to reveal His love and power and forgiveness and truth.  He will use it to build their faith one experience at a time.

If we don’t loosen our grip on the circumstances of our children’s lives, we can get in Gods way. It is hard to watch a child suffer through difficulty. It’s joyful to glory in their success.  Regardless of the mood, they need strength and courage to walk through life. While God is molding them, we have to temper our desire to jump in and help. This is not our relationship. It has to be between our child and God.

The thing I remember is that God loves my children so much more than I could ever begin to love them. His plans for them are perfect. The best thing I can do to help is to trust them in God’s hand and keep pointing to Jesus.

That is the peace that God keeps alive in my heart. He promises to walk close to those who call on Him and my prayer is always that they continue to call on Him.

God is real. God is in control. God keeps His promises.

1 John 5:14  And this is the confidence that we have toward Him, that if we ask anything according to His will He hears us.
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