Enjoy the View

I looked out the window a lot when I was a child and passenger aboard our Piper Comanche. Dad was a pilot and we flew all over the eastern half of the states. One thing I can say about my hours in the air is that I don’t ever remember fearing. Regardless of the situation, rain or shine, I enjoyed the ride. I trusted that when I was with my dad, I was safe.
There was one particular flight that must have tested my dad’s limits. It had been a rainy dreary day when we took off. There was no promise of counting swimming pools out the window, a game mom and I played on long flights. There were only patches of filmy clouds visible on the horizon. So I plumped up the pillows and took a nap.
 At some point in the flight, I was jarred awake by turbulence. Not just a few bumps but a bump that pulled me off the seat and caused my head to hit the fabric covered ceiling. My father was talking on the radio and my mother was caught up in a litany of prayer. Dad’s level of intensity seemed higher than normal and I sensed something serious had happened. But after a few minutes of observation, I heard dad chuckle as he patted my mother’s shoulder and things seemed to be back to normal. I put my head down again and fell asleep.
I woke up later on final approach and rubbed my sleepy eyes. We were moments from touchdown at Sunny South Airport in Ft. Lauderdale Florida. It was a bright and beautiful day perfect for playing on the beach. I had already forgotten about the storm we had flown through.  Dad had promised we would rent a catamaran and go out sailing on the ocean and I was excited for a new adventure.
As it turned out, our little Piper had been sucked into a convection current similar to what exists in the center of a tornado or cumulus cloud. This is the current that causes the cloud to pull tall in the sky. Our rate of ascent was roughly 1200 feet in several seconds. My bump on the ceiling was caused by the sudden stop at the top.
Today I marvel at the fact that I was so unruffled. The only explanation is my faith in dad’s ability to fly. My trust was so complete that whatever we did was, for me, without fear. I don't ever remember being scared when we were together. Whether it was backpacking, flying or riding on our little Honda motor bike, excitement ruled.
How similar the feelings can be when we have faith in God. With eyes trained on Him there is complete confidence. Although the road may be full of pot holes we can trust that He is able.
The problem with fear and reliance on human power is that it can keep us stuck and motionless. We won't be able to move into service with God and join Him in His work. If "His will be done" is what we pray, then we need to move. We need to get up out of our stupor and get at it.
Dad said to me recently regarding the pursuit of my Private Pilot’s license, "If you wanna fly, get your butt in the sky!" Those words inspired me in more ways than one.
When God puts a plan on the horizon or plants an idea in our heart, when through prayer and good council His voice remains clear, we can proceed without fear. Everything is under His control and He will complete what He starts. Sometimes it isn't even about us. It’s about how our obedience and service and experience and testimony can change the hearts of those around. It can simply be to show what a life committed to trust in God looks like. It will most certainly splash courage in uncertain times.  With this confidence, we can sit back and enjoy the view out the window.
Whatever God is calling you to do, get up and do it.
Hear His voice today saying, “You wanna soar with the eagles and see things you only dreamed of? You wanna have an impact beyond what you thought possible? You wanna make this life count? Then get off your butt and take my hand. You're in for one wild ride – but don’t be afraid - I've got this!"
Psalm 16:8, 11  I have set the Lord always before me; because He is at my right hand, I shall not be shaken. You make known to me the path of life; in Your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.

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