Tunnel Vision

Years ago I had a friend who was going through some difficult health issues. She told me about a day she found herself sitting alone on her hospital bed gently head butting the pages of her opened Bible. With each hit she begged for the words held there to penetrate her brain and dive straight into her soul. She needed to own those words. She needed to swim in the promises they held.

This picture while seemingly over the top is the key to changing behavior or bearing up under pressure or combating anger. In a sense I need to beat myself over the head with the truth.  That's the only kind of Bible thumping I am eager to promote. It is self imposed. It is often necessary.

Sometimes I need to get tough with myself. Sometimes I need to get a good case of tunnel vision.

I remember when my boys were young. Getting their attention was a great accomplishment especially when Scooby Do was in the middle of an adventure or a friend was waiting on the door step. Trying to tell them something and being sure it got through took more than words. It took reaching down and holding their little cheeks in my hands. I would get nose to nose and speak slowly and calmly. It took stillness. It took eye contact. And a kiss on the forehead.

Trying to make my way in life while listening to all the options available today is like trying to wade shoulder deep through a lake of mud fully suited in flippers and a life preserve. My only option, my sure solution is to dive headlong into Gods Word.

I can only tell you what I know and I know that this practice has saved me from much pain and discouragement. I remember what the days before looked like and they weren’t pretty. But when I weigh everything against the truth of Scripture, when I wrestle to own what God says in His book, when I am able to understand what He means and trust Him for the things I can’t understand, I have peace. I can see purpose through the clouds. My faith blooms. Yes, and there is even joy unexplainable in the midst of chaos.

So this morning with writing this post, I am reminding myself of the importance, the absolute necessity of time spent reading and studying my Bible. It is my life line, my grounding reality and my reason for hope.

As I look at the world out my window, I am amazed by the lightning bolts dancing just past the tips of my wings. More reason to keep my eyes on the horizon and follow Gods flight plan. That’s what the Bible is for me. A complete guide from God for the path ahead. He is faithful. He is awesome. He is in control. And He always provides and amazing ride!

Deuteronomy 11:18 “You shall therefore lay up these words of mine in your heart and in your soul, and you shall bind them as a sign on your hand, and they shall be as frontlets between your eyes.”

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PS As always, I hope that you will read beyond the verses I sight at the end of my posts. I am just giving you a taste to wet your appetite. Grab the Book and read on. You won’t be disappointed!

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