Genesis 2:25 says “And the man and his wife were both naked and were not ashamed.”

 In the beautiful Garden that God had created, with every kind of fruit tree and flowering bush and bears and foxes and crystal-clear streams and lush green hills, Adam and Eve where perfectly comfortable without clothes. And they were not ashamed.

 There were no viruses to catch or thorns to step on or predators to watch out for or laundry to wash or groceries to buy or bills to pay or kids to round up or time clock to punch or dinner to make.

 There was no shame for bad decisions or selfish choices or defiant behavior or jealous actions. They did not need to hide.

 Genesis 3:8a “And they heard the sound of the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day.”

 And God was present. In person. They could have walked with Him like we would walk with a friend. Eye to eye and heart to heart, their fellowship must have been astounding.

 This cannot be missed !

 The reason that life is so uncomfortable at times, perhaps most times, is that I was not designed for life out of the Garden. I was meant for face-to-face relationship with Him. Anything else just won’t do.

 Living out of the garden and wondering why it hurts is like putting my car on the bottom of Lake Erie and wondering why it won’t start. It wasn’t built for that environment!

 Perspective changes direction. Knowledge corrects error. Truth gives hope.

God has provided for me even in this lost world of thorns and thistles.

I can stand strong because I am not left as an orphan.

To His Salvation I will run. To His Spirit I will cling and in His Word will I live.

And in the quiet moments alone with Him, I can feel the Garden again.

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